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Download your kit today! This kit is for small business owners who have healthcare-related practices and want the tools to build a sustainable and profitable business that is in compliance. This kit will save you time, money, and give you peace of mind as you treat or care for your patients or clients. You can now focus on your practice while we help you do the rest.

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Congratulations! You Started a Healthcare Business!

Now, let's get your house in order. One of healthcare business owners' most significant mistakes is that they assume their business is protected because they have filed their paperwork with the state. That is so far from the truth. Establishing a company with the state does not meet the requirements and expectations of the Department of Health and Human Services, the Department of Health, the Board of Medicine, Nursing or Pharmacy, or other governing agencies.

What does this mean? Besides filing your documents with the state to establish your business, you need to operate ethically by protecting your business and your clients' protected health information. That is why I created the Healthcare Business Starter Kit, which has everything you need for an entry-level compliance program. This toolkit is the internal security system you need to build systems while also protecting you in case of a data breach.

What is Included:

  • 8+ Key Job Descriptions
  • A Detailed Onboarding Checklist
  • 34+ Detailed Policies and Procedures
  • 8 PowerPoint training templates, Recorded HIPAA/OSHA Training, and a Suggested Certification
  • 8+ Contract Templates, Copyright Clause
  • 3 Additional Patient Care Forms
  • 2 Required Website Templates
  • Data Privacy Tools and Training

The average cost to consult with an attorney to start your business begins at $5,000. Suppose an attorney drafted, developed, and maintained these documents for your business. In that case, you could be spending thousands of dollars and accumulating an unknown cost you may not be able to pay. Searching for these documents online could take hours; if you are trying to make money, you don't have time to waste. The total cost of this accessible kit is not only a fraction of the cost of legal or online services but could also save you thousands.

Are you ready to download all the compliance and foundational tools coaches tell you but fail to provide? Keep scrolling. I promise you it will be worth it.

Protecting Your Business

Over the last year I have worked with over 100 healthcare business owners who have learned how to start a business, but are struggling to get organized to ensure that their business is protected. Here are a few reasons in which the Healthcare Business Starter Kit can help you.

How can the Healthcare Business Starter Kit help you protect your business?

  1. Reported to DOH: If you are reported to the DOH or someone lodges a complaint against you then the DOH will request these types of documents, review your website, and interview your independent contractors, employees, and potentially your clients. It will cost you thousands to build a compliance program in the time limit that the DOH will give you to submit your documents.
  2. Reported to the Board: If you ever have to appear before the board or agency that governs in your industry then they are going to request to see your internal documents, understand your systems, and want you to explain how and why you completed each task within your business in a manner that may not align with industry standards.
  3. Sued by Client: If you are sued by a client you will have to prove that your business is legitimate, that you and your team have processes and policies to avoid malpractice, and then you will have to prove that you followed the standard of care. You cannot produce these documents retroactively once you are in litigation.

What is the cost of not being in compliance?

The Cost of Not Being in Compliance

  • Be shut down by the DOH or any other agency
  • Lose your professional license
  • Unable to defend your business in a civil suit

What are the benefits of being in compliance?

Benefits of Being in Compliance

  • Systems in place to protect your business
  • Easy to hire and onboard new contractors or team members
  • Strong infrastructure to grow and scale your business

If you do not invest in systems and infrastructure now then you will be back at square one when you want to hire, grow, or sell your business.

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This healthcare compliance solution was created by Irnise F. Williams, Esq, a nurse of 14 years and an attorney of 7 years who wants to help you protect your healthcare business.

As seen in Business Insider and Oprah Daily.

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Can this be used for businesses in any state?

The starter kit is a foundational business tool, which means that is the floor and not the ceiling. The kit was created based on the key elements of compliance which are universal. Check with your state agencies or consult with a lawyer to see what is required for your business.

Can I ask questions about the documents or about my business?

You have the ability to message me through Teachable if you have any questions. If I can assist you then I will. If it is a complex issue then you may have to book a discounted consultation. If I cannot ethically answer your question then I will refer you to a trusted source to ensure you get the support that you need.

How long do I have access to the starter kit?

You have lifetime access and if I add additional content then you do not have to pay any additional cost.

Can I purchase if I am not a new business owner?

Yes, many business owners have not set up their compliance programs and some do not have these foundational tools in their practice. This can even be accessed if you are in a critical situation and need to show that you are in compliance.