What does a lawyer know about documentation?

If you know how to document then you know how to defend yourself in court or if you are reported to the board. Learning how to document is not something that is well taught in school, orientation, and many times by preceptors or organizations. So, I created this course for those in direct patient care. 

Documentation to Avoid Litigation is a direct view inside the world of an attorney who has consulted on medical malpractice cases and seen some of the best and some of the worse instances of documentation. More importantly, it is a blueprint on how to become efficient and effective at a skill that you need greatly to be a great clinician or practitioner. 

I take my extensive experience as a nurse and an attorney and show you how to be empowered, efficient and effective in your documentation. When you think of documentation most people think about the way they document patient care. Documentation is greater than just the patient care scenarios that have gone bad but are really about how you document systems or processes.

Nobody is above documentation issues. This isn’t a nurse issue alone and it shouldn’t be viewed as such. Nurse practitioners take a huge learning leap between the time they graduate from NP school to the time that they start their training as practitioners.

Many struggle with delegation, communication, and documentation at this new level.  Why struggle when you can be confident in your process and create boundaries that protect your license. 

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